Season 10 progress, or a lack thereof

Firstly, congrats to John on his Champions League win! Effectively, that’s the game over, but I’ve a few scheduled updates to go, with some fairly big news on its way, so i’ll let that play out.

In my last update, we were 10 games into a Ligue 1 campaign, and had successfully navigated ourselves out of the Champion League group stage. The latter took us up to the end of December, so here’s what happened in the league during that same period.

Inconsistent, is the word I would use. And annoyingly, we’re playing teams we should be easily beating.

We round off October with a home game against Havre Athletic Club, and they hold us to a 0-0 draw. As you can see from the stats, we’re the better team but, as will be the case throughout much of this season (spoilers), we’re not scoring as frequently as we once were. I mean, Sandro and Simeone could only muster a 6.5 and 6.7 respectively. Just not good enough.

Worse was to come as we traveled to Angers SCO. We come away with our tail between our legs having been gubbed 3-1 when, again, we were much the better team. Our solitary goal was scored by young superstar Haris Ahmetovic. Remember that name; there will be a quiz at the end.

November sees us draw two and win two, without conceding a goal. An upturn in form that is very much welcome. Sandro and Ahmetovic grabbing 3 goals between them.

As we close out 2025, and head towards the winter break, we stretch our unbeaten run to 7 games, with another 2 draws and a win, before going down 2-1 to OM.

Our form, from the end October to the end of December then, is:


Too many draws, right? I mean, we’ve only lost 4 times in 20 games, but we’re nowhere near the top of the table, and are hovering between 6th and 7th place. PSG, meanwhile, are romping away with it.

So, the January transfer window then. What was the name of that player I mentioned? That’s right, Haris Ahmetovic. We get an offer from Liverpool and he goes. I don’t really want to sell him, but it’s a lot of money, and he’s been injured most of the last year. In the end, he heads to Anfield for £22m, rising to £28m.

We buy a couple of backup players in left-back Hiroki Ogawa, and Advanced Forward Jean-Luc Pons. Neither of them will threaten the team sheet in the short-term, and I don’t think I need to worry about bolstering the first 11.

Although, it turns out I do.


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