For Arsenal 2022/23 see Man Utd 2016/17

Due to work commitments I haven’t even turned my laptop on for 2 weeks so I’m now way behind Ronnie in game time. As he finishes off season 8 I’m currently at Christmas in season 7 and embarking on the first Champions League campaign of the challenge.

Premier League

In the previous 6 seasons of the save our title victory last season was the only time Man Utd haven’t won the league, and they clearly didn’t take it too well. Our stats are pretty good as well; we’ve only conceded 6 goals in 17 matches, scored a league high 36 goals and only lost 1 match. Unfortunately, United have been sensational (and they have 2 games in hand due to World Club Championship commitments).


Like United in real life draws have been our downfall. It’s way to early to give up on the league but I certainly think we need United to drop points from their games in hand and then beat them in the upcoming clash. The board expects us to qualify for the Champions League via the league so if we can’t win it then I don’t really care if we finish 2nd or 4th.

Champions League

Ultimately the point of this challenge is to win the Champions League so, frankly, if I finish 10 in the league but win the UCL I’ll be happy. With that in mind I’m delighted to have qualified for the knockout rounds.

The group was pretty straight forward with Fenerbahce, Dinamo Zagreb and Inter Milan alongside us. After winning the opening game away to Inter I played mostly back up players which I think accounts for the 8 goals conceded in only 6 games. Nevertheless we won 5 of the 6 games and progressed with ease.


So the next big moment was who would we get in the First Knockout Round and there were big teams lying in wait. Juventus, AC Milan, Lyon, PSG, Man Utd & Inter had all finished 2nd in their groups (although I couldn’t draw Inter or Man Utd) but if you’re going to go far in the tournament you’ll need to play the big boys. I drew Anderlecht. Best draw I could’ve hoped for and if we can get through we’ll have met the board’s expectations for the competition.


So that is where I’m at. As usual I don’t expect any major business in January although world class left-back Lucas Digne wants to leave to join PSG so I’d need to replace him if he goes. We’re in the semi-final of the League Cup but, let’s be honest, no one cares about it, I’d rather resurrect and win the Tennents Sixes. I’ll try and post regular updates as the season progresses, assuming I’m making headway in the UCL.


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