Oh, did I mention that I’m manager of France now, too?

Towards the end of Season 8, I was approached by the French FA and asked if I wanted to manage them. Of course, my time at Uruguay was so dull I obviously wasn’t going to accept. Errr….

My thinking was that, if I manage the country in which I’m based, maybe I’ll get some high-profile players to like me and that would subsequently make them more likely to sign for Montpellier. I guess only time will tell.

International competitions seem to have changed slightly, over the years. We now seem to be part of some European League, and France are in Division A alongside the likes of Russia, Sweden, Germany, Iceland, Belgium, Ireland, England, and Holland.

By the time I take over, there are 3 games (plus a friendly) remaining in the competition, and the FA have asked that we don’t embarrass ourselves. Fingers crossed.

First up is a friendly against Belgium, and we start with the wide 4-3-3 that we’ve playing at Montpellier. To be honest, the players don’t seem that comfortable with it, so a change might be in order, but we emerge with a 2-0 victory, after goals from Rayanne Monnier and Aymeric Laporte.

Next up was a proper match at home to Iceland and we sneak a 3-1 victory. Our 2nd and 3rd goals come in the 81st and 85th minutes, so while the same formation got us another victory, if wasn’t as comfortable as I would’ve liked. Our goals came from real-life players Anthony Martial and Thomas Lamar, and regen superstar Heidi Camus.

A 1-0 defeat to Germany follows next, before a 3-0 away win against Iceland. The Germany game is tight, and they probably deserve their 1-goal win, but I’m not happy with the players’ comfort with the formation, so for the Iceland game, we go to a standard 4-4-2 with very few instructions, and we dominate.

And that’s the end of the European League Division A Group 2 fixtures.

Next season, we’ll be aiming to qualify for the 2026 World Cup.


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