The first 10 league games

The board are looking for us to gain Europa League qualification again this year. Looking at the rules for Ligue 1, this means finishing at least 5th (or 6th, depending on cup winners).

The first 3 games are against ValenciennesEn Evant de Guingamp, and the team with whom I now have a love/hate relationship, ESTAC Troyes. 10 goals scored and only 2 conceded give us 3 straight wins, 2-0, 3-0, 5-2.

As the Europa League games kick-off, our form stumbles a bit, and we go through the next few games dropping a few points. Perhaps I’m not rotating as much as I should; something to consider as we get further into the season, I suppose. Anyway, the form’s not bad, but it means that we drop off the top of the table and land in 4th after 10 games.


Poor Troyes, though. Bottom of the table a mere 15 months after sacking me.

I have very little sympathy.


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