Quadruple you say?

So far everything has went swimmingly at the Gunners. We are sitting top of the league and are into the semi finals of the League Cup, knockout stages of the Europa League and 4th round of the FA Cup. It is probably the first time in this save that I’m pretty confident we’ll win some silverware. At Lazio and Siena we were such big underdogs I kept expecting us to falter but at Arsenal we have such a good squad we should be able to battle on multiple fronts.

We should almost certainly qualify for the UCL (we are 10 points clear of 5th placed Liverpool after 22 matches) and it’d be nice to retain the Europa League. The other three teams left in the League Cup are Leicester, Newcastle and Sheffield Wednesday so we are in with a great shout of winning that. As far as the FA Cup is concerned it’s really the luck of the draw but we have West Brom in the next round so are confident of progressing.

The squad is my main worry. As we weren’t in the Champions League loads of players moaned about it and although they seemed happy that I promised them we would qualify this season it still meant they wouldn’t sign new contracts. Therefore Alexis Sanchez has signed a pre-contract agreement with Monaco. Despite the fact that he’s 33 he is still the best player at the club and our top goalscorer this season. He’s also a fan favourite so I’m gonna get it in the neck when he leaves, champions or not.

I’ve also sold a number of other high profile players to trim the squad. Although they were high profile they didn’t actually have particularly good ability ratings but the fans are still concerned with my transfer dealings. They don’t care that I made £144m from the sales. I don’t think it’s helped that I haven’t bought anyone since my initial purchases in the summer. However, we had a number of ‘wonderkids’ in the U23 squad so I’ve decided to promote them.


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