Strengthening the squad

This year, the board expectations are as follows

  • Ligue 1, avoid automatic relegation
  • Coupe de France, reach 11th round
  • Coupe de la Ligue, reach 4th round

To be able to do any of these, we need better players, better staff, and we need to do it on a pretty low budget. I’ve got ~£2m in transfer fees, and ~£300,000 per week in wages to make it work.

In come a bunch of defenders: De Martino (£20k), Zanandrea, Mendyl, Isherwood, and Smith, most of whom are free transfers. We also bring in Zander Fulton on loan from Hibs. In midfield we bring in Ben Ali (£60k), Ntambani, Edera and Mbenza (£650k). Giuseppe Panico is our only striker purchase of the summer, and at £825k, represents our biggest transfer fee.

In the opposite direction, we have a lot of youngsters out on loan; a few players leaving on free transfers, and Christopher Hérelle making a move to Bordeaux for ~ £4m.

As far as the backroom staff are concerned, we let one of our coaches go and brought in a bunch more. We also strengthened our scouting and medical staff so that we’re now above average in all three areas. Those stats looked awful at the start of the season, so I’m really pleased to have made the progress we have.

Finally, the finances are not looking so bad. We’ve still got a few hundred thousand in the transfer kitty, and some capacity in the wage bill, so I can get more bodies in, if need be.


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