Season 4

Let’s have a quick review of the season.

Highest rated players this year are Brandon Domingues and Jérémy Cordoval, but the former only played 5 games, and the latter only has an average rating of 7.26. I told you we didn’t play well this year!

Anthony Derouard is 3rd in that chart, and he also contributed 19 goals to his 33-game campaign. For that tally, he earns the club record for Most Goals in a Season (19) and Top League Goalscorer (15). He also picks up the club record for Most Goals in a Match, with his 4 against Amiens SC.

In contrast to the 3000 capacity stadium at Vendée Herbiers Football, Troyes’ Stade de l’Aube holds more than 20000 and there were regularly crowds of between 15000 and 20000. Those gate receipts, combined with money that’ll come with being promoted make the finances look pretty healthy.


My manager stats are looking a bit healthier. And in the time I’ve been at Troyes, I’ve completed my National C Licence, and I’m on the way to completing my National B Licence.

The challenge next season will be to keep Troyes in Ligue 1. I don’t expect to be given a huge amount of money, but the squad’s not good enough, and neither are the coaching staff.

But that’s for the next update. I’m off to find some superstars that will help us stay up next year.


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