Winter is coming

My first few months at ESTAC Troyes have not been anywhere near as comfortable as I would’ve liked. For a team that have just come down from the division above, we are making hard work of our time in Ligue 2.

When I last updated, we’d gone through a bit of a barren spell, but looked to be on the up again. Well, that didn’t last long. We’ve not been playing terribly, but we’re terribly inconsistent.


One of the recent losses came in the 8th round of the Coupe de France – a tournament in which we’re expected to reach the 11th round. Not a great result, then.

League form has been good enough to reach the dizzy heights of 2nd place, and then subsequently drop out of the promotion playoff places. Our recent points have saw us edge back up near the top of the table, but we’re 9 points off the top, and only narrowly ahead of Clermont FC, and a bunch of other chasers.

Tactics-wise, I’ve been using the same 4-3-3 formation that served me well at the Herbs, but it’s not been too successful. I can’t quite figure out why. Everyone’s comfortable with it, and occasionally we play superbly, but it’s not quite clicking. I’ve a feeling that it might be a morale thing, who knows? Anyway, I’m currently trying out a rather more standard 4-1-4-1, with much fewer team instructions in an attempt to try and simplify things a little. That formation resulted in a 2-0 win against fellow title-contenders, AJ Auxerre, so I’m going to keep with this for a little bit.

No fixtures for a month, so I’ll likely get a few friendlies lined up against low-league opposition, in an attempt to score a few goals, and get morale up.

Transfer-wise, I think we’re where we need to be, although I might need to get some cover for a few key positions.


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