Early days at ESTAC Troyes

It’s taking me a while to settle into this new place. The manager’s chair isn’t quite as comfy as the one they’d given me at the Herbs, and the players don’t seem to like me as much.

After a promising pre-season, our competitive matches started well, but form subsequently plummeted. Knocked out of the Coupe de la Ligue at Round 2 (the target was Round 3), our league form wasn’t much better.


Actually, looking at that, it doesn’t seem too bad. But from late August, we go on a run of 5 games in the league and cup without a win. I tinker with the tactics a bit, making sure I know who my best 11 is, and we emerge from those changes with 3 wins out of 4. I then go and arse things up by having a team meeting that results in every member of my squad threatening to disembowel me. That’s how it feels, anyway.

The board are expecting immediate promotion this year – or at least, they’re expecting me to reach the playoffs. Right now, we’re sitting in 5th, 6 points from the top, after 11 games.

Transfer-wise, we got in another few players since the last update – perhaps that’s part of the reason for the poor, early season form. Since we last spoke, we’ve introduce a bunch of new defenders: Digol (now out on loan), PaquiezMartinAloéHuerta, and Silva. Of these, Chilean defender, Valber Huerta has already proven to be a bit of a rock at the centre of defence. Jury’s still out on the others, I must admit.

It definitely feels now that John has drawn first blood in the Journeymen challenge. Successive promotions and a few trophies in the cabinet are just rewards for a fantastic few years at Siena.

Hopefully with ESTAC Troyes I can start to emulate that.


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