Pre-season with ESTAC Troyes

After the recent drama, it’s good to get back to some level of normality. Tactics, transfers and players moaning because they’ve been relegated a division. Not all fun, I’ll give you that.

We’ve lost a lot of players, some because they’re crap and they had to go, and other because they had relegation release clauses and they didn’t fancy playing in Ligue 2.

We also brought in a bunch of players and, as it stands, I’ve got a bag full of money waiting to be spent because of the last-minute, £4m sale of Alois Confais.

In come Herbs starlets Bouriaud, Chergui and Derouard, alongside new faces Rodriguez (who is our new captain), Pierazzi, Dumai and Zuculini.

Pre-season is interesting, mainly because we get invited to Scotland and games against Dundee (which is subsequently cancelled), Hibs and St Johnstone. Of the two games we end up playing here, we beat Hibs 4-0 and lose 2-1 to St Johnstone.

In fact, those two goals against St Johnstone are the only ones we conceded all Summer, and even into the first game of the new season.

Finances look okay for the time being and, let’s all celebrate, I’ve been allowed to go on a training course!

Perhaps I should go on a training course that teaches how to back-up your #FM17 saves.


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