Injured players and injured pride

After a hugely successful opening 3 months of the season, the run up to Christmas is a tale of misery and woe. Well, maybe it’s not that bad.

November and December see a slight down turn in form, and I’m attributing it mostly to the injuries we’ve had. We’d already lost Belloc and Ramalama, but the latter part of the year sees us lose both central defenders, Derrien and Perradin, as well as loanee stalwart Teddy Bouriaud.

As a result of the amount of players stuck in the treatment room, our league form suffers massively, and we lose a bunch of matches after our impressive initial results.


There are a couple of cup wins, as well as a successful run of friendly matches over the Christmas period – mainly to try and get back winning again – but it’s not been a great couple of months.

The league table’s fine, though. We’ve dropped down a few places but we’re still in 4th place, and only 10 points from the safety (yes, that’s still the target) of the 40-point mark.

I’d planned to give an update on the winter transfer window, but there’s bugger-all happening there, although I have adjusted the budget slightly, based on some new objectives.

Oh, and you might’ve guessed, I’m still at VFH. As it turns out, FC Nantes weren’t even interested in interviewing me. They’re the only club I’ve ever wanted to manage etc.


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