Season 2 round-up


Best performing players this year were Ramalama, Belloc, Bouriaud, two of whom feature in the league’s end of season awards.

Loanees Bouriaud and Basila – both of whom were absolute rocks this year – look unlikely to be in next year’s team, as it seems that FC Nantes want them back.


Obviously, the board were delighted with our performance. So much so that they offered me two contracts, one within the space of a week of the other. I presume I’m only being paid once, but I’ll need to check the ol’ #FM17 bank account.

I’m looking forward to seeing next season’s expectations, but I presume that they’ll mainly consist of, try not to get relegated.


Winning the league brings in over £500000 in prize money, but a big chunk of that is paid out in bonuses and salary clauses. Overall, bank balance looks a lot healthier than it did at the start of the season, with projections for the bottom line now trending upwards.

We’re going to struggle next season, though. We’ve got very little in the way of assets that we can offload for serious cash; and our stadium only holds 3000 (and only has 500 seats). Speaking of stadiums, as one season ends and another one gets ready to start, I receive the following message in my inbox.

The board have indicated that they cannot afford to meet the league’s recommended stadium specifications this season but plan to address the problem again this time next year.

It looks like any money we might be planning on acquiring would have to be ploughed into a fund for expanding the stadium (from 500 to 5000 seats!) next year. Unless we go straight back down, in which case we’re back to where we started.

What’s next?

I won Manager of the Season, and my stats seem to have crept up a little, but I’m still not a full 1-star manager, yet.

I’m also in the position where the board are still not allowing me to go on any coaching courses. To be honest, if an offer came in for a solid Ligue 2 side, I’d jump. As it stands, I don’t want to rock the boat by applying for anything so I’ll stay put for a bit. I’m keeping my eyes peeled, though.

Nice to know that I’m now fluent in French, too.


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