Winter transfer window – some new faces

The French transfer system is a strange beast. In between the Summer window closing on Aug 31, and the Winter window opening on Jan 2, there is a “Joker” system, where you can sign players from clubs in the same division, or below.

As such, I picked up Alister Bizolon (backup defender) from Le Mans FC in mid-October. I didn’t try to sign anyone else, but from reading online, it seems that there are further restrictions, i.e. the player must be French, and you can make only one signing. I’ll try and exploit this more, next season.

The biggest (this term is relative; everyone arrived on a free transfer) signings of the window are Anthony Derouard and Guillaume Dugain, both of whom will bolster the midfield / attacking midfield positions. I have high hopes for Derouard and he seems to enjoy playing alongside Teddy Bouriaud already. Nae pressure, mate.

The rest of them are promising youngsters: Bettaieb, Dagorn, Thébault, Inzoudine, although Franklin Wadja has already made a couple of promising appearances from the bench.



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