VHF – Pre-season 2017/18

Back for another season, and this time we’re pushing for… mid-table. Well, maybe a bit higher than that. The board are expecting a top-half finish, although the media are predicting 5th. Somewhere between 5th and 9th the goal, then.

I’m also expected to reach the 9th round of the Coupe de France, again, but I presume that’ll be a secondary consideration for us.



I’ve brought a few players in to bolster the squad, and let a few youngsters go, in an attempt to balance the budget a bit. We’re not far away, spending £419 per week over our budget. I might get shot of a couple of other folk, currently grumbling away in the reserves team.

I’m most excited about 25-year old Madagascar international Falimery Ferdinand Ramanamahefa, nicknamed Ramalama by the squad already.

Friendly matches

Four pre-season friendlies to kick us off, 2 of which were against significantly bigger clubs, Club Brugge, and Valladolid.

We tied 1-1 with Brugge, and then won 1-0 and 3-2 against Stade Malherbe Caen Reserves and Girondins de Bordeaux Reserves. Best result of the summer was the 7-3 win over Valladolid. I presume they played a rotated team. Either that or we’re suddenly amazing. Which, I doubt.

John’s had a busy few days, so I’m going to take my foot off the gas and let him catch up, before jumping into the new season.


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