VHF – End of season

The first half season of this FM17 Journeymen challenge is complete. And it’s been stressful. But now that we know we have passed the first hurdle, it’s time to look back at what happened, and plan for the future.

Best players

8 of the squad ended the season with average ratings of > 7, so that could be the core of next year’s team. Unfortunately, 2 of them are loanees – Teddy Bouriaud from FC Nantes, and Franck Héry from En Evant de Guingamp – and I’m not yet sure if they’ll be returning.

Player of the year, according to the ratings, should be Chafik Tigroudja, or Tig, as he’s known around the dressing room. Unfortunately, he only managed 7 games before succumbing to foot knack, shortly after I joined. Instead, our most consistent performer was our left wing-back, Quentin Bonnet.

Among the other high raters, we have midfielders, central defenders, and wingers, so I’m hopeful that there is the core of a team there for next year.

Of the players we brought in (Lafarge, Reine-Adelaide, Bouriaud, Basila), Lafarge (6.84) and Reine-Adelaide (6.72) have been the most disappointing, and will have the most to prove. Lafarge is the only one of the the two I’d be desperate to keep.

Everyone else can consider themselves on notice. Especially high-earners, like Houla, Glombard, Ba, and Germann, all of whom have pitched in with decent performances this season but haven’t shown a great deal of consistency.

My team report suggest that I’m short at right wing-back, attacking midfield and up-front. But if I can’t keep my loanees, I’ll be short in a few other areas, too.

On their way in, though, are Kevin Belloc, Kamel Chergui, and Ferdinand Ramanamahefa, all of whom will play further up the field, across the attacking midfield / striker positions.


They don’t look great, do they? I’m partially to blame, as I’m spending slightly over the wage budget (£29142 per week actual, versus £28839 budget), but the projected losses are crazy; we’re basically losing £1m per year. Looks like some ‘Arry Redknapp-style wheelin’ and dealin’ is required.

Winning the league would help, I suppose. £540000 for first place and all that…


My profile

My attributes are very slightly higher than they were at the start of the game, as you can see below. A point or two increase across the board, with the exception of Fitness, Working With Youngsters, and Level Of Discipline. And it looks like I’ve decreased in Adaptability!

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 23.02.58.png

At some point during the season, I asked the board if they’d send me on a course to get my coaching badges. They told me to beat it, so their collective card is marked.

What’s next?

If I’d completed a full season, I’d probably be wondering what kind of level of team might be interested in employing a Scots expat living in central France, but as it is, I’m staying put, and I’m going to try and consolidate the Herbs’ Championnat de France National league position next year. Not that I have much choice, I suspect.

For what it’s worth, the league we’re in is rated 67th in the FM17 Competition Reputation. For comparison the Scottish Premiership is rated 27th, and the Scottish Championship 72nd. So, somewhere between the two, then. The plan would be to move up this table, whether through promotion (Ligue 2 is 30th) or by moving jobs, until I’m finally in a position to compete in the UEFA Champions League.

Feels a long, long way from that now.



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