VHF – Season 1, games 13-16

After a really positive start, the first bump in the road has arrived. Three games and 1 point see us drop back into 14th place, one spot above the relegation zone.

I’ve been alternating between the 4-3-3 that had proven initially very successful, and another, more defensive formation. I should probably pick one and let the team play a few games in a row. Just to check, I try a midweek friendly against the U19s, which we win 5-2. I can’t figure out if that’s a good result or not.

Game 14

First up was an away match against CS Sedan Ardennes, in front of a crowd of around ~3000. At some point, we must have lost the rag; Issa Makalou got two yellows, and was in the dressing room just after the hour, while the rest of the team picked up another six cards between them. We were only 1 goal down went Mak’ saw red, but they grabbed a late goal to double their lead and win 2-0.

Game 15

In another FM17 save, I was the manager of today’s opponents, Groupe Sportif Consolat, before they unceremoniously sacked me, and I headed to Albion Rovers to rebuild my reputation. If nothing else, this gives me a reason to hate them and (when in Rome, and all that), I’ve decided that during my time in France, they will be my bête noire. Unfortunately, the bastards beat us 1-0, as we end a second consecutive match with 10 men.

Next time, GSC, next time.

Game 16

Finally, a game against league leaders La Berrichonne de Châteauroux. More possession, more shots on target, but no goals to show for the domination. A 0-0 draw not a bad result on its own, and it felt good to get a point after a couple of defeats.



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