VHF – Season 1, games 17-19

All that good work at the start of this save did two things. (1) It gave me confidence that the formation worked with the team, and would likely be enough to see us finish in a satisfactory league position; and (2) It gave us a cushion that would be needed if a subsequent collapse in form arrived.

Speaking of collapses in form. Outwith a friendly with the U19 side, I’ve not won a match since that 3-0 victory against SAS Epinal. At the time, I said it looked less comfortable than the scoreline suggested, and we’ve done very little to suggest we’ll win by a 3-goal margin anytime soon.

Game 17

FC Chambly-Oise were just a couple of places above us in the league, but they annihilated us here. The final scoreline was only 2-0 but, although we had the bulk of the possession, their strikers fired off 20 shots to our 1, 0 on target. Something’s not quite right, and right now, we’ve dropped back into 14th place.

Game 18

The home tie against US Avranches is much better, and we deserve to win this, even although they’re fighting for promotion. The lucky sods sneak a 90+1 minute equaliser, and it finishes 1-1.

Game 19

Finally, we played Lyon-Duchère AS, and dominated them. It finished 0-0. Sometimes I think we’re on the verge of a good run of form, and at other times, moments from collapse.

Form since I started (excluding friendlies):



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