Siena – Initial Thoughts

Initial thoughts are the squad is pretty decent. Judging by potential ability Paolo Grillo (on loan from Palermo), Dario Saric (on loan from Capri), Cristian Bunino (on loan from Juventus) and our very own Marius Stankevicius are the best players. Seem to have a lot of loan players but overall the squad should be good enough to get a top 10 place. We also have a ridiculous amount of affiliated clubs, including Lazio, so I might get a few in on loan.

As for tactics I’ll be using my tried and trusted 4-1-2-3 that has served me well in previous saves. None of this adapting my system to suit the players, it’s my way or the highway. First thing will be sorting out the backroom staff as players are unhappy with training. I don’t anticipate buying too many players as the squad should be good enough, and I don’t have any money, but I’ll have a sniff about and see if there is any quality available on a free/loan.

Club is £1m in debt but aren’t repaying any loans. I’ve not had a look but I assume Siena had financial problems as they were in Serie A a few seasons ago. It’s 9 days till our first match against Piacenza (who are a place behind us in the league) so I have a bit of time to mould my team. Interestingly I also applied for the Piacenza job so I’ve got a point to prove. And I’m out to show Grimsby what they missed out on in the summer.

Fucking Paul Ince.


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