Les Herbiers VF

My first club in the Journeymen series is the French outfit Les Herbiers VF.

Les Herbiers Vendée Football is a French football club based in Les Herbiers (Vendée). It was founded in 1919. They play at the Stade Massabielle, which has a capacity of 5,000 people. The colours of the club are red and black. Wiki

#FM17 says they were founded in 1949. Their info is usually pretty spot-on, so I’d be interested to understand why there is a difference of 30 years between these two sources.

The first team squad looks not bad, actually. We could probably do with some work at the back, but going forward, there’s a lot of talent – Greg Houla, Moulaye Idrissa-Ba, and Maxime Thonnel look like my best players.


Les Herbiers are in the third-tier of French football, in the Championnat de France National. By the time I take charge, they have played 14 of 34 games and are in dead last, in 18th. The bottom 4 teams get relegated and the minimum expectation from the board is that we’re not in that group of 4.

The league target is set: 14th or higher.

There’s also an expectation that we qualify for the 9th round of the Coupe de France. By the time I take charge we’re in the 8th round, so winning one match against a team further down the standings is all that’s required. I feel it won’t quite be as straightforward as that.


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