John’s Beginnings

So as part of The Journeyman experiment with Ronnie I started a new FM17 save. Small database with leagues in England, France, Germany, Italy & Spain. The game starts in July and immediately I got an interview for the Grimsby job. Unfortunately Paul Ince was deemed a better candidate. We’ll see how that pans out for them in the seasons to come.

After applying for countless jobs and getting interviews at USL Dunkerque, AS Beziers, Arenas Club de Getxo, Lecce, Siracusa, Citta di Pontedera, SD Leioa, Fidelis Andria, Teramo, Cosenza, Atletico Mancha Real and Renate (apparently i need to work on my interview technique, it is like real life!) I finally got a job with Siena in Lega Pro Girone A, the 3rd tier of Italian football. At least I’ve heard of them.

I’m expected to reach the playoffs (already out the Italian Cup) and I’m starting in 11th place on 29 points from 21 games. Bizarrely teams in positions 2-10 qualify for the playoffs so I’m starting in a decent position. Certainly better than Ronnie’s. Busy few days so I’ll assess the squad and staff and update soon.




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